Cesc Fabregas had played almost 10 years at Arsenal

Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas had played almost 10 years at Arsenal without a Premier League title to his name. However, he has managed to achieve this aim after just one season at Chelsea.

Speaking about this extraordinary achievement, the midfielder stated that he is enjoying the benefits of hard work done when he was young. Still just 28, Fabregas has the ability to contribute several seasons for Chelsea. He could be one of the most valuable signings and a potential steal at just £ 30 million. Fabregas has recalled the way he trained extremely hard when he was a youngster.

This even included training in places like schools, parks, and so on. Fabregas appeared to have the world at his feet when he was a youngster, but the likes of Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi started taking much more attention growing up. The young Spaniard, though, found a home in the form of Arsenal at just 16. Arsene Wenger nurtured him into a great footballer capable of taking advantage of this positive aspects like vision and passing skills. Fabregas is not the fastest footballer by any means, but he has been able to accommodate in every major league without trouble.

Fabregas has now won all major trophies including the World Cup.“I trained everywhere I could. I had my school team, I used to play with my dad, I used to go to my town’s club to play on the pitch.If you really love it and it’s your passion, and you want to achieve what you are doing, you will make it happen. My week was full and at the weekend we had games. It was six tough years before I joined Arsenal, but everything was worth it,” said the former Arsenal midfielder about his youth and his days at the Emirates stadium.