Cesc Fabregas says he is totally convinced

Cesc Fabregas says he is totally convinced that he can match the level of the other Chelsea players.

If he hadn’t had that opinion about himself, he wouldn’t be in London at this point.

Fabregas has merely been a shadow of his old self for some time and the current management hasn’t preferred him for a centre of the pitch role. The new recruits have been picked over him so far.

But, after a couple of strikes in a League Cup tie yesterday, he might be rewarded with a start in the next Premiership match which is co-incidentally at his old home Emirates.

Brimming with confidence with a brace to his name, Fabregas said, “There have been different kinds of stories on Television and I don’t think there is any club in the continent which I have not been reported to be signing for. I am supposedly joining almost every club.”

“They can keep coming up with the stories if that’s what they want to do, I wouldn’t waste my time reading them. None of the stories are inaccurate. No transfer discussions at any stage. Transfer would have been in my mind only if I had realized I lacked the quality to get into Chelsea XI. But, I never gave up. It’s only the matter of form.”

Chelsea, also, in spite of not playing Fabregas is still looking to keep him and the reason for that is believed to be pretty strange. The club is actually short of the Footballers in the first team who are grown in England. At least eight of them are required in every team.

Growing in England according to the English association means being a part of an English club for 3 years at minimum before a player gets 21-year old and Fabregas had been at Arsenal for that much time in his teenage. So, he qualifies as a Footballer ‘grown in England’.