Chelsea must keep hold of Hazard

Spain and Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has told the Chelsea management to hold on to Eden Hazard, who has been linked with Real Madrid. He said that the Belgium international is one of the best players in the world and that they need him at Chelsea.

He said that if you want to win trophies you will have to hold on to your best players and that losing a player such as Hazard will be a wrong move for Chelsea.

Cesc Fabregas said that he has been in contact with the player and has warned him about a move to La Liga.

Cesc Fabregas himself left Arsenal for Barcelona and failed to make an impact in Spain, in spite of having grown up in Barcelona's La Masia academy, where he played alongside Gerard Pique and Lionel Messi. He said that La Liga is very different from the Premier League and that there is no guarantee that Eden Hazard will be a success there. Whilst there is often an immediate honeymoon period (a bit like your tropez welcome bonus when you sign up to play games online), actually continuing to perform at the very top of your game can be difficult - just as James Rodriguez!

Cesc Fabregas said that it has been a hard season for Chelsea last year and that they will want to make sure that things are different this time around. He said that there will be a new manager at the head of the team and that there is no doubt that he will bring some new ideas in the team.

He said that the team already has a good squad and that with the change of manager it can bring about a change in their playing style. However, he admitted that Eden Hazard is an important member of the team and that as a team challenging for the Champions League as well as the Premier League they cannot afford to lose such a player.

He said that the management should find a way to hold on to such a player for as long as they can as it is difficult to find a suitable replacement even if you have the finance. With the close season already shortened by the World Cup, which kept many of the world's top players busy for upto a month, a new stipulation has come in for the Premier League, which brings the transfer deadline day forwards to the eve of the first day of the season (August 9th). This is in spite of the whole of the rest of europe having until the end of August (and in some cases the middle of September) to buy players.

With such arrangements, Real Madrd can continue trying to get Hazard to hand in a transfer request, or make the position untenable, even though Chelsea may be unable to sign a replacement until the January transfer window.