Costa and Cesc return may have taken other Players Place

"Maybe when Costa and Cesc return, another player will have taken their place’’ Spain’s Vicente del Bosque said during a press conference a few weeks ago.

That statement which was released by the head coach of Spain, Vicente del Bosque sparked a series of rumors and doubts concerning if Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas will have a secured spot in the Spanish national football team but Vicente del Bosque later went off shrugging off those claims.

Cesc Fabregas has not played in Spain’s 2 latest matches against Germany and Belarus due to speculated injuries that the Spanish midfielder has been struggling with recently however, Fabregas has managed to play in all of the recent matches for Chelsea even with these suppose injuries and this puts into question if either Vicente del Bosque just doesn’t have any plans for Fabregas in his team or if Fabregas just simply does not want to perform for Spain.

Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos launched a statement suggesting that his fellow countrymen should have the same commitment and dedication that they have with their respective clubs’ to their country national team’s.

"I would like that the players have the same commitment with the national team that they have with their club. But the coaches are those who make the rules. Del Bosque and Grande are those who should make the rules." Sergio Ramos told reporters.

Spain’s Vicente del Bosque has defended Cesc Fabregas as the head coach of Spain stated that he has to believe in what the player says, if the player says that he feels with an injury problem or anything of that matter then Vicente del Bosque trusts him and after all the appearances that Fabregas has made for Spain, the player has displayed his commitment to Spain despite of the recent things that have been occurring.

"We all know Fabregas. He has a sporting competitive edge. When he came to take his medical, he said: I've attended 125 international get-together's and only played 94 games. This is down to me and Luis selecting him 94 times in the past. These players show up and they want to play, if they can't make it I have to believe what they say. We decided not to let him stay as he said to me: I have a knock and when I move this leg it's sore’’ Vicente del Bosque said as he displayed his trust towards Cesc Fabregas and shut down rumors that were suggesting the loyalty of Fabregas for Spain.