Does Fabregas have any future under Antonio Conte?

During CescFabregas’ initial 2 seasons as a player of Chelsea, the Spanish midfielder was able to make consistent performances for the Premier League club as he was a regular starter but since have taken a huge turn ever since Antonio Conte arrived to Stamford Bridge.

It appears like Antonio Conte does not have CescFabregas in his plans as the Spanish player has not started in any of the 3 opening league matches of the season for Chelsea. Fabregas did manage to perform for a few minutes during Chelsea’s match against Watford as he came into the pitch in the 2nd half.

Only being able to get a few minutes of playing in 1 match out of the 3 games that Chelsea has played is not a large amount of playing time for a player, especially for a performer who was such a constant figure for Chelsea a few seasons ago.

Willian and Oscar appear to play a much more important role for Antonio Conte as they have played more minutes during the 3 opening matches of the season while Fabregas has had to settle on the sidelines.

There are rumors going on claiming that Fabregas and Antonio Conte do not have a healthy relationship and the future of the Spanish midfielder could be up in the air as Conte is believed to be searching for a way to offload Fabregas from Chelsea and a possible swap involving him and another player was rumored to be in the works but now that the summer transfer window has shut down, Fabregas might have to settle with what Conte has planned for him.

Manchester United, Real Madrid and Ac.Milan were being linked with CescFabregas as they were rumored to be interested in signing the Spanish midfielder but these rumors were never actually confirmed and considering that the summer transfer window is over, there is a high chance that those clubs were never really interested or they just couldn’t really sign him in time.