Fabregas Is Rooting For Arsenal

Cesc Fabregas (Spanish Footballer) is really wishing that this football season Arsenal is able to win the Premier League title as it will be awesome to witness Arsenal win after a 9 year long wait. He wants Arsenal to compete and defeat Manchester City and Chelsea and secure the Premier League title.

Fabregas recently admitted that he watches Premier League and especially those matches of the league in which Arsenal is playing. He is absolutely excited to witness how the league results turn out to be this season.

While speaking to Sportsmail, Fabregas said that Arsenal has a strong team and thus the team is playing exceptionally well. He is waiting patiently to see whether finally Arsenal can win the Premier League Trophy this year or not. However, Fabregas is of the opinion that the team has to perform consistently well throughout this season so that the chances of winning the league increases.

Fabregas is rooting for Arsenal so eagerly because he has been associated with the team for many years. In the past, Cesc Fabregas was a part of Arsenal and had established himself as a captain, playmaker and central midfielder of Arsenal. However in the year 2011, he returned to FC Barcelona.

According to Fabregas, it is next to impossible to win each and every game in a single season whether it is Champions League, FA Cup or Premier League for that matter. Premier League is entertaining and tough, added Cesc Fabregas.

Talking about the match between Real Sociedad and Barcelona (5th February, 2014), Fabregas said he was pleased with the win and the performance but expected Barcelona to make more number of goals because the team has the capability to do so. The result of the match was surely satisfying but he regrets that more goals could not be scored.