Wojciech Szczesny has had a jibe at the club’s former midfielder

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has had a jibe at the club’s former midfielder – Cesc Fabregas – by saying that the presence of Mesut Ozil have given them a new meaning of playmaker.

Fabregas was one of the most important players at Arsenal for almost a decade. He had been groomed from a young age by Arsene Wenger. However, he decided to put an end to his Arsenal career by joining Barcelona. He has since returned back to the Premier League with arch rivals Chelsea. This has certainly not gone well with Arsenal supporters or the club’s long serving players.

Szczesny maybe only 25 years old but he has been at Arsenal since 2009. He says that Fabregas showed the way that a playmaker should act in the game. Just when it seemed that this was the standard for all players to follow, Mesut Ozil has come and changed the rules according toSzczesny. Ozil was signed from Real Madrid for a club record £ 42.5 million. He is on course to creating a new record in terms of assists in the 2015-16 season. Ozil has been able to make a huge impact while playing a number of positions across the pitch.Szczesny says that the presence of a German means that Arsenal longer seek for a player like Fabregas.

“We used to have Fabregas and I couldn’t imagine anyone playing any better than him in the middle of the park, but then Ozil came and it turned out that you can.In the beginning, moreover, he was heavily criticised because I bought it for the big money, and was expected to become the biggest star of the league. In training from the beginning it was evident that an exceptional player,” said Szczesny. The Polish international is currently with Italian club AS Roma on a loan spell.