Surprisingly enough, CescFabregas wants to remain with Chelsea

CescFabregas was one of the high-profile figures that was considered to be available of being signed as the Spanish midfielder has been spending an alarming amount of time on the sidelines.

With the arrival of Antonio Conte to Chelsea, CescFabregas has been dropped to the bench on a more regular basis. The Spanish midfielder still does get plenty of time on the actual pitch but he mostly comes on as a substitute player more than anything else.

This is something surprising to see as Fabregas has consistently been in the first team of the Premier League club, ever since he originally joined back on June of 2014. Fabregas is regarded as a very talented player who can add creativity with his ball control, technique and passing to just about any team.

It’s because of all these abilities that he possesses why is fairly surprising to see someone like him having to serve time on the sidelines and Antonio Conte received hate in relation to his decision of not utilizing Fabregas on a frequent basis like the previous Chelsea managers used to do.

Italian clubs including: Juventus, Ac.Milan and Inter Milan all wanted to take advantage of this situation and attempt to sign CescFabregas but they all failed as the 29 year old Spanish midfielder said that he wanted to continue performing for Chelsea despite not playing the same hugely influential role that he did to have in Stamford Bridge a few years ago.

West Ham United was another one of the more well-known clubs that showed interest in signing CescFabregas but the Spanish midfielder has already stated on various occasions that he wants to continue playing for Chelsea and help Antonio Conte in lifting his 1st Premier League title.