Talks Ensued About Fabregas Removal

There had been a lot of talks in the last 24 hours about the removal of the image of the new Blues signing Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal’s home ground i.e. the Emirates Stadium. People believed that the Gunners took such a step because of their intense rivalry with Chelsea. But, the reality is something else.

The Arsenal officials yesterday made it clear that the reason behind the removal of the image was the weather which was stormy yesterday.

It was not only Fabregas’ image which was removed. The nasty weather led to the removal of the images of some of the other Arsenal legends as well. All the images are expected to be put up in a few days’ time.

Fabregas would make his way to the Emirates in April next year as a part of the Blues squad to face his old team.

The Spain international had been an Arsenal player for a long period of time before signing for Barcelona FC in 2011.

After having his services being secured by Chelsea, Fabregas told the reporters that he was happy to be back playing in the English league.

In the words of the midfielder, “I have a lot left to do here in England. I had to return at some point and I reckon this is perfect timing.”

Fabregas had performed like an absolute champion during his last stint in the Premier League. Playing for Arsenal, he had put up lots of world class performances to be hailed by journalist and pundits all over the World.

His stint in his motherland i.e. in Spain wasn’t as fruitful, but, he performed well in bits and pieces there too for Barcelona.

It would be interesting to see what he does at Stamford Bridge. He is at that stage of his career where a player is supposed to play his best game.