Vicente confident on Cesc Fabregas

Spain manager Vicente del Bosque claims that he does not doubt the commitment of Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas, who had to withdraw from international duty at the last moment for the recent qualifying matches.

The commitment of the 27-year-old along with his Chelsea teammate, Diego Costa, has been questioned on several fronts in the last few weeks after they were not part of the recent Spain squad that was announced to face Belarus and Germany. Spanish international defender Sergio Ramos appeared to directly question the motivation and commitment of these players.

The influence of Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has been speculated in these matters. Costa was part of the Spain squad that played in Euro 2016 qualifying matches in September. Immediately upon his return, Costa was made to sit out of for Chelsea matches claiming injury. Fabregas has been part of the Chelsea team for every important match. He even played the full 90 minutes against Liverpool just a few days before the Spanish team took on Belarus.Del Bosque, though, says that Fabregas would not have been able to play 94 International matches for Spain without being committed to the national team. He has also revealed the private conversation that he had with the player before he returned to Chelsea for rehabilitation.

“So much has been said this week that it embarrasses me to discuss the matter. I believe in sporting values, trust and I don't understand this lack of compromise.We all know Fabregas. He has a sporting competitive edge. When he came to take his medical, he said: I've attended 125 international get-together's and only played 94 games.This is down to me and Luis selecting him 94 times in the past. These players show up and they want to play, if they can't make it I have to believe what they say," said del Bosque.