After playing with Arsenal 8 years, the Spanish midfielder made his move to Barcelona on August of 2011 in what was one of the longest transfer sagas in modern times. Even though the transfer was completed some time ago, Jack Wilshere wrote on Arsenal’s website that the departure of Fabregas made him more upset than anything else.

"The one I was really upset about leaving was Fabregas, I learned so much from just watching him," he told Arsenal's official club website. "He's similar to me starting at a young age. He later went on talking about the latest addition of Arsenal, Mesut Ozil.

"He plays the Arsenal way and I think there's a lot more to come. He's so comfortable on the ball, right foot, left foot.If you look at his stat he runs the most, he makes it look easy but that only masks how hard he works."

Barcelona has recently been going through a number of obstacles that include the injury of: Daniel Alves, Victor Valdes, Alexis Sanchez and Jordi Alba but the most significant one is hands down Lionel Messi.

Ever since the Catalan club had to cope with the absence of the Argentinean superstar they have suffered a number of set-backs not only in the Champions League but in La Liga.

Losing against Ajax and Athletic Bilbao, the team is losing the pace and dropping points in the Spanish league allowing Athletic Madrid to climb into the top spot as they both share 40 points.
“We’re a bit short of players, but that’s no excuse,” the midfielder stated.

Lionel Messi’s injury is expected to leave him out of the pitch for the remainder of the year and Barcelona have to find a way to deal with it soon unless they want to find themselves dropping spots in La Liga. This is the time that Neymar, Fabregas and the rest of the players that were signed in the last few years to step it up and prove their worth.