CescFabregasSlams the Referee's Decision

After Manchester City's controversial penalty against RB Leipzig xin their Champions League match, Cesc Fabregas and Alan Shearer both criticized football's handball laws. Benjamin Henrichs, a defender for City, was ruled to have handled the ball in the area to block Rodri's header 21 minutes into the second-leg match at the Etihad Stadium. Henrichs was unaware that the ball had struck his arm, so the contact appeared to be completely accidental.

The VAR sent referee Slavko Vincic to his monitor while play was still going on, and the penalty was given to him. Erling Haaland scored five goals in a night that set a new record for the striker for the club and helped City win 7-0, matching their previous European record.


However, Fabregas wrote on Twitter that the early handball decision had been widely criticized: We've lost the plot assuming that is a pen.' Alan Shearer was furious: While Rio Ferdinand questioned the logic of the new handball rules from the BT Sport studio, he said, "What a pile of garbage the handball law is." It would be a penalty according to the law, but this is a bad rule.
Marco Rose, the manager of RB Leipzig, acknowledged that his team was "especially bad" on the night as City rioted, despite the contentious penalty decision. I am very familiar with Erling and his characteristics. Erling wants to grab one when he gets close to the goal. Tonight, he scored four, if not five. We were never able to enter the game.
That is my obligation. How we conceded the goals makes this extremely bitter. City completely deserved to win. 'We were particularly terrible when it came to safeguarding inside the punishment region. And we did so in a Champions League round-of-16 match! When compared to the second half in Leipzig, they made some adjustments to their pressing, which surprised us.